Alpha Male Voice Resonator

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date:            Tue, 2 April 2006 02:26:00 GMT
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subject:       Alpha Male Voice Resonator …Background: I consider myself a good/ very good actor. I don’t have problems getting work, but if there is one area where I outclass…

Alpha Male Voice Resonator As promised, from my post about ‘Alpha Body Language’, I offered techniques on how to achieve that ‘deep booming voice’ that most of the gurus talk about. And since the only people I enjoy teasing are women, I’m going to deliver the goods.

Background: I consider myself a good/ very good actor. I don’t have problems getting work, but if there is one area where I outclass mostly every other actor in, it is with my voice. I make my living doing cartoon voices and dubbing movies.

Okay, so you’re in a club, you’re opening a set, and you have to keep their attention with, among other things, a voice that can project over the loud music. Now, a simple method would be to lower your voice by talking deeper. Many people try this by just lowering their Adam’s apple. This is wrong. Many may find by the end of the night, that their voice is totally fucked after yelling for a bunch of hours in a smokey environment. If you want to permanently fuck up your voice for years to come, then keep doing this. However, if you want to develop a voice where you don’t have to yell, and you just naturally speak in an Alpha voice, then read on.

1. Breath placement/ resonators.

First, let’s locate the proper resonator placements. A resonator is basically where your voice vibrates from. Say this out loud “Ahhhhh” for about five seconds. Try to notice where your voice is vibrating from. There are four major resonators we are going to deal with here.

a. Head voice. Say “Ahhh” again, and try to make it resonate from the top of your head. Place your hand on the top of your head, and heighten your voice so that you feel the vibration on the crown of your head. You will notice this voice is far more high-pitched than your normal voice. Feel it? Good. That’s your AFC voice. Use it only in comical situations.

b. Throat voice. Saying “Ahhhh” again, try to make it resonate from your throat voice. Now, you will notice that you have much more range here, but even when you lower your voice to a deeper tone, it will seem a bit forced.. almost like a newscaster or an informercal announcer. This is where most guys are resonating from. It’s natural, but this must be fixed.

c. Chest resonator. Many times when I see an HB, my physiology reacts, and I begin to hold in my breath. My breath is held in the upper chest. All the air is in that upper area, and I stifle the full quality and range of my voice. I think a lot of us do this. If you are in this area, you are not relaxed. You want your deep, booming voice to come from a place where you are relaxed, as this will be congruent with your body language. Now, try to resonate your voice downwards so that it vibrates from your sternum. Your sternum is that vulnerable place center and downwards from your pecs and above your ab muscles. Say ” ohhhh” to find this resonator.

d. Gutteral resonance. Okay, here we are: the Alpha resonator. Stand with your legs at shoulder width apart, and resonate the word “uhhhh” until you find it resonating from your lower belly, or your gut (guttural). You will find it to be much deeper than the others, and in fact, you will have to take a deeper, more relaxed breath to access this. You should be able to feel it resonate in your upper groin, and through your anus as well. It should feel good. In fact, when having sex, when you resonate your moaning from here, it increases the experience. Many tantra experts advocate this. As this is the place where you should be talking from, you will notice no strain on your throat, your adam’s apple is centered, and you feel more relaxed. As well, you will notice that your lower belly will stick out somewhat. Notice how guys like Pavorotti are fat? His resonator is huuuuuge. Most operatic singers do NOT work their abs, as those tight muscles are too tight and inflexible to access this resonator. This also might seem conflicting with your Alpha body posture, but you will find that it flows with the curvature of your spine.

Okay, great, now that we’ve located this, it’s time to sustain it. Your voice is built up with muscles, and as a lot of guys here go to the gym to work their biceps and pecs, you need to build these muscles as well on a day-by-day process. When I’m doing any performance, including call a chick on the phone, or going out to a club, I do a thrity minute routine to locate my voice and to center and relax myself. I don’t have the time to give you my entire workout right now, but I will concentrate this small tutorial with the basic exercises that you will need to obtain, maintain and sustain the Alpha Male Resonator.

2. “Glottals Times Three : Ed Is An Odd Egg Up On An Eve”
Okay, you see that weird phrase up there that starts with “Ed” ? I want you to only use the vowels in each word. Sustain this sound, and resonate it three times, stopping briefly between each sound. Huh? I’ll demonstrate:

a. “Ed” would be said as: “Ehhhh…Ehhhh… Ehhhhhh”. Make sure you feel your belly resonating. Do not take an inhale between each one. Do it all on one breath, pausing briefly between each one, and sustaining the breath in the same position. Some of you may notice you are jutting your belly out, and your sound comes out choppy or forced. Keep doing this until it comes out smoothly, almost like a song.

b. “Is” would be “Ihhh…Ihh… Ihhhhhhh”. Remember to sustain the last one longer than the first two.

c. “An” : This is what is called a “flat” a, as in “Apple” or “Aveue,” or “Alpha”. It is not the same “A” sound as “Apartment”, “Always” or “Also”. You notice this because as you watch the formation of your mouth you will see the shape inside your mind’s eye changes. Try it. Feel where your mouth changes inside.

d. “Odd” This vowel sound sounds like “Awe”. Like the ‘o’ in God. You will see it’s easy to access the lower resonators here. Try this sound, as well as the “O” sound in words like ” Owe” and “Over”.

e. “Up” This sound is “Uhh.. uhhh.. uhhhhhhhhhh”.

f. “An”. Notice this vowel sound? It’s the exact opposite as the one I spoke about in ‘c.’

g. ‘Eve’ – (the stage name of my ex-girlfriend who’s a stripper.. hehe). Notice this “E” sound to be totally different from the ‘E’ sound in ‘Ed’. This resonator will resonate higher, more like in the chest.

As it is important to access the Alpha male resonator, try ALL of these in ALL of resonators. This is because in order to tell an interesting story, you need to use all sorts of different tonalities. As you begin to repeat these exercises on a daily basis, you will notice your higher resonating areas will begin to vibrate and resonate more loudly.

Let me just clear up something: Projecting your voice does not mean yelling. Amateur actors do this. When you go to the theatre, the actors are not yelling at each other, but they are speaking in a hightened voice so all can hear. As long as your voice resonates , you will not have to worry about yelling. The resonation takes care of this for you. It’s like when an AFC driving his car by you booming his loud music. What do you hear when he drives off in the distance? The bass. Why is that? Most sound engineers and muisicians will tell you that bass travels farther than all other sounds because it vibrates through the ground. When my parents used to come into my room to tell me to lower my music, I wouldn’t actually lower the volume. I’d just lower the bass, and they wouldn’t complain again.

The goal here is to plug the ‘bass’ into ALL of your resonators so you can be heard clearly, and conscisely. As well, when doing your phone game, you will be astounded at how many girls will get turned on by your phone voice. I have f-closed so many girls over the phone over the years that I can’t even count them anymore. This makes it so much easier to f-close them in real life, because they’ve already pictured doing this with you.

Have fun, practice these, and above all, let me know how it’s going and if you need more clarification. I will post more exercises in the coming days/weeks as you master these. Some of these will blow your minds at how effective they are.

All the best.