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  • Alpha Male Of Group (AMOG)

    By on November 17, 2008

    knowledge sphere smallKnowledge Sphere:

    Quick Definition: An aggressive male who is competing for the attention of the target. Or used as a verb, the act of taking attention away from another male so that he is no longer a threat. Also referred to as “Alpha Male Other Guy.”

    Full Definition: The AMOG may or may not be a BF of the target, but he asserts himself as leader of a group. If un-diffused, he will try to break the PUA’s game, usually with challenges to his material. Occasionally, he may even turn to physical intimidation or violence.

    Like the AFOG, the AMOG must be won over or defeated before approaching the women in his tribe. You may want to focus your attention on building a bond with him before your target.

    The community usually regard AMOGs the same way Pimps view “gorillas” (all muscle, no brain, using physical abuse or tricks instead of mental control and dependence over the girls). In other words, AMOGs are usually physically (sometimes mentally) dominant AFCs. However, some PUAs also practice AMOGing.

    Example of an AMOG:



    In some instances, an AMOG can be befriended by paying him a compliment or by giving general respect. In this case, he may give the PUA permission to game any girls in his group, as long as she is not his girlfriend.

    Volumes have been written on AMOGing. Aspiring PUAs often compete with naturals and other PUAs over girls. Tyler Durden and RSD are strong advocates of techniques that destroy the AMOG, while Mystery advocates a more friendly, “befriend and DHV” approach.

    Matador vs. Mystery


    I was doing well in the set, until that AMOG came in.

    The guy she was talking to seemed pretty lame, so I AMOG’d him.

    Related Terms: AFOG, Alpha, Frame Control, AK, AMOG Killer.

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