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  • Alex From RSD Retires From RSD

    By on January 13, 2015

    Amid the winter snow in Japan to foreshadow the cold and somewhat sad announcement, Alexander (from RSD) today announced his retirement from RSD and his new journey into the next chapter of his life. An executive coach since 2008, Alex has run bootcamps, hotseats, and posted tons of value-add videos on YouTube via his RSD channel. I have personally attended one of Alex’s hotseats [notes here], seeing him in Jeffy’s pink “Beast mode” T-shirt, his “natural instinct” method teaches guys that “you are good enough”, and this mentality seeps through in his students and those that study his principles.

    We will always remember Alex for his cool natural charisma and his “natural instinct” pickup method:alex rsd pua

    And his Finland adventures…

    alexander rsd hot girl

    And of course his award as a top coach on our list:alex rsd pua lingo

    Alex’s official announcement video:

    You can find more of Alex’s stuff at: https://www.facebook.com/TheNaturalInstinct and his YouTube channel here.

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    • I hear all the sob-story sentiments from others but I lost respect for Alex because of this. I felt he cowardly bowed out since the Julien fiasco. It has nothing to do with other endeavors. Alex is simply scared for his life for no reason but a few Femi-nazis saying pickup is a rape method. RSD Max took a slap to the face. He’s still there. Julien banned from countries. He’s still there. Valentine there. Alex punked out, especially since that happened in his backyard of Australia.

      • I wonder if that’s the whole story because at some point, every man has to strike out on his own.

    • thats crazy, i wonder why he retired ?

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