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  • Air Stewardess Syndrome

    By on August 19, 2013

    Quick Definition: The Air Stewardess Syndrome occurs when a female steps out of a specific character and loses her sexual avatar or stereotype.

    Full Definition:

    The Air Stewardess Syndrome is a term that presumably originated from men who’d chat up a glamorous flight attendant during a flight, invite her over to their hotel room only to realize that they’re not as madly as attracted to her as they were mere hours before. This phenomenon isn’t something that’s exclusive to flight attendants though. Most women employed as hired guns (waitresses, strippers, models) and even those employed in professions that are fairly easily sexualized (nurses, teachers, police officers) often suffer from this syndrome. In fact, men sometimes experience this syndrome with women they meet in highly charged social settings like bars and clubs. One minute they’re mesmerized by the girl in the little black dress and killer heels, and then they wake up next to her the next morning and wonder what they found so attractive about.

    Flight Attendant

    Photo Credit – flickr.com/photos/kevinpaulmorris

    This syndrome occurs because we men sometimes have a tendency to attribute sexual attraction to a woman’s character or sexual avatar. There is no sure fire way to avoid the air stewardess syndrome other than to genuinely love women. A true pickup artist will be attracted to a thousand little things about a woman, be it a smile, a curve or a secret. And when you’re able to dig beneath the outer facades that women are often forced to construct to survive, and find what you find attractive in her, she’ll get you hard even if she’s on two hours sleep with a runny nose.

    Russell Brand on Air Stewardess Syndrome:


    He woke up next to her and found himself suffering from air stewardess syndrome. 

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