Quick Definition: An exercise by which one builds new beliefs by restating or “affirming” them on a regular basis.

Full Definition:

Affirmation is a technique taken from the fields of self-help and pop psychology.

The basic idea behind Affirmation is that our thoughts shape our identity and the way we perceive the world. Thus, if we hold negative thoughts and repeat negative beliefs to ourselves, we become negative people, whereas if we have positive thoughts, the opposite is true.

A basic Affirmation is a positive belief about oneself. A PUA will repeat the Affirmation to himself over and over in an attempt to “program” his mind to believe that the Affirmation is true. For example, if an aspiring PUA is afraid of approaching women, one Affirmation that he might use would be: “I am comfortable approaching women.” He would then repeat the phrase to himself to develop that positive belief.

Affirmations are always framed in positive terms rather than negatively, so a good affirmation would be: “I am brave and strong,” as opposed to “I am NOT afraid or weak.”

The best time to use Affirmations is first thing in the morning when you wake up, and right before you go to bed. The simplest method of practicing Affirmations is to verbally recite them over and over, but other methods include writing the phrase repeatedly, reciting the affirmation aloud while writing it, or even saying the affirmation while looking into a mirror.

Some PUAs doubt the effectiveness of Affirmations, arguing that the best way to build positive beliefs is by taking positive actions in the field, while other swear by them and find them useful in strengthening their inner game.

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