Wild Survivor

Think James Franco in the movie “127 hours”. In a different scenario, the man who can survive in the wild is extremely attractive. In some ways, he’s the ultimate guy with the real “survival value”. Fashion outdoors is mostly designed for function over style. However, even with these limitations, the adventurous outdoorsman is able to adapt to his situation by picking out the best clothing items for his natural habitat and still look good.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Focuses more on function of clothes rather than actual color. Design is important for survival value.
Common Clothing Items: Shirts, Survival gear, Alligator belts
Favorite Brands REI, Patagonia, MountainGear
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Dominance, Survival Value, Strength, Adaptability, Ability to ensure physical hardship
What Women Think:
  • He knows not only how to live, but how to survive
  • He is comfortable in the world and in tough situations
  • He can take care of people (me)
Natural Habitat Wildlife channel, outdoor camping activities, open ranger parks, camping grounds, national parks

Famous Examples

Steve Irwin, James Franco in 127 hours, Wildlife Guides, Crocodile Dundee

Natural Counterparts

Outdoorsy girls, natural enthusiasts, animal and wildlife fans, green warriors


steve irwin crocodile hunter


crocodile dundee


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