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  • A.D.D. Girl

    By on June 21, 2013

    Quick Definition: A girl with an extremely short attention span who is a constant emotional stimulation junkie.

    Full Definition:

    ADD Girls tend to be white and are classified as “slutty club girls” in most artist’s dictionaries. They can be nightlife princesses who like to party. They are gamed differently and the gaming style is generally related to “club game”. Or, you can look like her “type” of guy, usually tall Abercrombie & Fitch guys in the club. If you are one of these guys they can choose you by default.

    ADD Girls are usually gamed via proper dance game and good takeaways, since her attention span is so small and the escalations need to be high, be sure to talk to other girls and make sure she remembers you. Julien has a good demonstration of ADD blonde in his free tour video.

    When gaming these girls, be alpha and memorable. Later on, stay with her, as she tends to get drunk or lost later on in the night. If you can leave the club with an ADD girl, there is a high probability that she will go home with you.

    drunk add girls

    These girls are quite a catch…

    ADD girls tend to be bad girlfriend material, as their addiction to stimulus is the effect of a deeper problem. These issues can be related to self esteem or a need to be validated externally. Unfortunately, due to their excessive compulsion to be the center of attention, a lot of “HOT” girls who dress up in heels and spend the most time getting ready are in fact ADD girls.

    Jenna talks about how white drunk girls behave in clubs:


    Charlie is totally an ADD girl.

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