• Active Disqualification

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Actively acknowledging and interacting with a target, and also disqualifying yourself as a potential suitor in the process.

    Full Definition:

    At times, even the best PUAs will experience rejection. But the masters will sense this and use Active DQ to disqualify the woman before she can disqualify him. This shows that you have value in yourself and do not need your set to affirm that value. Often, the disinterested girl will then begin to show active interest in you.

    Even if you can’t sense the DQ coming from the set, the Active DQ is a way to reaffirm your value after she has disqualified you. It is powerful way to break a SHB’s bitch shield, or to lower a HB’s power over you with her beauty. It is important to show Active DQ to retain value when your value has been actively “attacked” by the target or an obstacle.


    Girl “Is that a pick up line?”

    PUA: “Actually, I just wanted to get an honest opinion from some girls I thought were nice”

    In the above example, the girl has DQed the PUA. However, the PUA responds with an Active Disqualification, showing that he wouldn’t be interested in her even if she hadn’t DQed him.

    Mystery and Lovedrop demo how body language can be used to actively DQ.

    Genuine or fake DQs are powerful because it conveys a sense of value from the originator, and not many AFCs are aware of Active DQs at all due to MPB.


    Actively disqualify yourself within the first 60 seconds with that girl who has just been hit on 10 times by all the guys in the bar.

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    Source: Mystery

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