Active Disinterest

Quick Definition: Actively engaging a target, while conveying indifference to her beauty or any attraction to her.

Full Definition:

Active Disinterest is a softer version of active disqualification. It is a means for the PUA to engage a girl in a way that gets her to qualify herself to him. By actively ignoring her instead of showering her with attention, the PUA is able to demonstrate that he is not needy. This makes the girl chase him, if he is able to simultaneously DHV himself.

Active Disinterest can be a way for the PUA to get past a woman’s bitch shield by implicitly disqualifying himself through his disinterest. He could also show Active Disinterest for his target, while showing interest in other girls to create a jealousy plotline. Either way, the girl begins to chase him. Once the girl starts pursuing him, he can use intermittent rewards and push/pull techniques to amplify the attraction.

Women who are good looking are particularly susceptible to Active Disinterest, as they are used to guys constantly fawning over and hitting on them. A man who does not immediately give her attention simply because of her beauty presents a challenge to her, which increases her attraction to him.

The reverse is true for men as well, and even experienced PUAs with many options can find themselves caught up pursuing the one girl who doesn’t give him attention like all the others. In the end, it is human psychology to want the things that we can’t have and to pursue the things that are hard to get. For men and women, it is often the thrill of the chase that generates the most attraction.


It is important to initially convey active disinterest to the target.

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