Active Attraction

AKA “Active Value,”coined by Asian Playboy.

Quick Definition: Refers to a natural or master PUA who has an ongoing magnifying force that creates attraction and charisma at his “normal” state.

Full Definition:

An artist who has internalized the triggers of attraction and has built a lifestyle around this will seem to attract the opposite sex without conscious effort. A master PUA has consistent, active attraction. Women will feel attracted to him just by being near him.

Female models do this. So do most HB9s and 10s. Simply based on their physical build, men will feel attracted to them. Male models also command some state of Active Attraction, as looks do factor into a part of attraction. More importantly, master PUAs will have some base level of style, body build, and demeanor that creates attraction. When you look into their eyes, you will see a sparkle, usually a passion for life or a flare of intent.

Some active attraction triggers are based off of a person’s frame. For example, a master PUA believes he is of the same value as the women he approaches and deserves a perfect 10 (even if he is not as good looking as he believes he is). In Brazil, most men are mediocre looking, but the women are true 9s and 10s. Yet, within their culture and overall mentality, the men believe that they are deserving of these women and hookups happen all the time.

Naturals have Active Attraction. They are naturally attractive just based off of their personalities. Many PUAs also become attractive through their developed habits. Examples of this include looking a girl in the eye without flinching, holding a meaningful conversation, moving through the room with intent, being relaxed, and not reacting to other people.

Active Attraction can also be built off of lifestyle. A celebrity, for example, has Active Attraction based on his or her perceived personality through fame. A well known businessman can have attraction via his reputation. His wealth. His social networks. His job. His business. His overall lifestyle. These things take time to build up, but will create a stable foundation of Active Attraction.

Example of active attraction


Jay just commands too much active attraction so try not to keep a new girl around him too much. They will end up having sex!

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