Accomplished Introduction (AI)

Quick Definition: A well constructed or improvised introduction of a wing embedded with DHVs for a lasting impression.

Full Definition:

When you go on a job interview, you bring along a list of references who can vouch that you are the right man for the job. The same applies to other types of interpersonal relationships. When approaching a set, it’s sometimes best to have an Accomplished Introduction.

An Accomplished Introduction is sometimes referenced to “peer endorsement” in the marketing world. The concept of an Accomplished Introduction is to DHV a wing by having a very strong story (with multiple DHVs) during a socially accepted stage of the “introduction.” Essentially, you’re promoting your wing and vouching for him. This tells the set that she should be attracted to your wing because you’re a high-value guy.

Accomplished Introductions can be delivered while the wing is present, for example:

“This is AlphaWolf. We go way back. AW grew up as one of those diplomatic kids – so he’s already traveled the world to every continent and spoke 3 languages by the time he was 12.”

The set should be more open because she knows something about your friend. Her interest will be peaked and she will want to know more about him.

Accomplished intros can also take place (and have a stronger groundingeffect) if they are delivered before the PUA‘s wing even enters the set:

“Let me catch you up to speed with my friends. That’s AW over there. Not many people know this, but growing up – his family was in foreign affairs so he traveled a lot. These days he’s since moved from Boston to the Bay area, and he’s actually avoided going into politics, like his father. Instead, he has developed a foundation here in the Bay area in the technology business. So… he’s not someone that NEEDS anything from you, you know what I mean? I’ll introduce you later if you promise not to embarrass me, okay?”

Having Accomplished Introductions and learning to develop them for one’s social circle thus communicates a strong social alignment, a cohesive and interesting tribe, and a naturally  inherent confidence in being happy for other people’s strengths and successes.

Accomplished intros are best delivered BEFORE your wing enters a set, preempting the actual event and acknowledging that you speak well of your wing regardless if he was there or not.

(Accomplished Introduction sometimes is confused with “AI”, which is also an acronym for Approach Invitation.)

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