Accent Pieces

Quick Definition: A piece of clothing or accessory that greatly accentuates the overall look of an artist

Full Definition:

A concept from interior design, accent pieces can also apply to style. For example, one particular piece in a guy’s outfit defines and accentuates the rest of the outfit.

This particular bed stand accentuates the whole bed, it is known as as accent piece:

the accent piece

There are a lot of things going on here. The closet itself is an accent piece. Furthermore, the decorator has amplified its effect by matching the pattern on the walls, and then splashing purple across the lamp, flowers, and a hint on the curtains. This is a very well designed accent piece matched with other items:

graham_green_accent piece

In style imaging, this guy is wearing a red-lined shirt that accents his overall suit:

mens style blazer

The green pocket handkerchief accents the whole outfit and matches the tie:

mens style green pocket

There are a lot of things going on here. The guy’s coat and vest are the accent pieces. It matches other accent pieces including his glasses, his hair style, beard, and his tie. A well put together, coordinated look:

mens style

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That’s a great accent piece

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