Abundance Mentality

Quick Definition: The belief  and life perspective that there is no shortage of hot girls to meet in any man’s lifetime. Rather than viewing the number of girls in a man’s life as a limited supply, the PUA sees the world as chalk-full of girls to meet.

Full Definition:

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “There are other fish in the sea.” This adage is linked to the concept of  Abundance Mentality. There are an abundance of resources. There are an abudance of women. There are an abundance of opportunities. The master PUA understands this and uses the quantity to his advantage.

In tribal society, approximately 50 people lived in each tribe. Initiating a courtship with the wrong woman or crossing the wrong authority figure could mean becoming a social outcast of that tribe, and thus genetic death to a human. But because of the industrialization and population boom in the world today, humans have experienced a infinitely large increase in wealth, technology, and opportunities. And given the advent of the internet, we live in a world that is more connected and more entrepreneurial than any other time in history.

The opposite mindset of the “abundance mentality” is the “scarcity mentality.” This is a mindset that we have a “fixed” amount of resources, and that one must be careful when pursuing and using up his/her resources to achieve one’s goals. While the scarcity resource serves us well if we were stranded on an island, it generally keeps us in check from authorities and in our assigned places in modern society. The Abundance Mentality is an important truth during one’s self development.

There are certain things that are finite, but in reality are actually still quite abundant. Time is finite; we only live once. Money is infinite, feelings are infinite, memories are infinite. To this extent, the PUA must not be afraid to approach sets. He must be open to failing and learning from his mistakes. He shouldn’t be afraid of what others might think about him when approaching girls in public places. There are more than enough girls for a PUA to approach. This is the best way to master pickup with in this life.

So go out there, and reap the rewards of your talent and efforts!

There are more girls on this planet than one can meet in a lifetime.
There are more girls on this planet than one can meet in a lifetime.


Whenever we go out, try to come with a sense of the abundance mentality as it relates to opening sets and picking up girls, alright?

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