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    Hi, I’m Vince…

    Hey… I know why you’re here, and I hope I have some answers for you.

    I started this site when I was a 25 year old dude from California who figured out how to date really cute girls. This was back in 2012. I consider myself a really lucky and honest guy. The “pick up” arts have enriched my life, and I hope it can give you some superpowers to yours too.

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    Here’s what you can learn from PUA Lingo and my story:


    What’s “Quality Game” Vince?

    Quality game is about 3 things:

    1. SCIENTIFIC: Like the old days before the mass internet seduction method, quality game is based on field-tested, verified (repeatable) reports of seduction tactics that worked.
    2. GIVES VALUE, TAKES NONE: Quality game leaves the girl enlightens, and enhances both her life and yours. It is never used to take something from a woman or for abuse.
    3. FREEDOM WITH 9s AND 10s: Quality game is game that works on 9s and 10s, not just average DTF girls. It encompasses both cold approach pickup and understand game from a long term point of view and focuses on raw attraction and its fundamental pillars. These concepts supersede our superficial understanding of the current society’s arbitrary rules

    What is Style Attraction?

    • I believe the fastest and easiest way to attract a woman is to work on your image (brand) and your subcommunications. Once this is mastered, it creates a powerful effect wherever you go, and you can attract women without saying much. In addition to this, you will become even more powerful with witty lines and conversational game.
    • Style Attraction allows you to seduce a girl visually and quickly, without having to “work for it” or put in time.
    • Mastery of Style Attraction also improves your self esteem, your career, and all aspects of your life (See Seduce With Style for more details)

    Back to my story…

    Rewind 7 years ago and I was … err … what HOT GIRLS would consider a “loooooserrrr!” ;0

    Girls never really bothered to at me … and those few times that they did, I didn’t know what to do about it, and would usually end up embarrassingly ignoring her or saying something stupid like, “hi you’re hot”.

    They were on a different level to me. Hell … a different planet to me. I just didn’t get it.

    But oh how things have changed! =;0)

    The Beginning of My Story

    I, like most Asian kids, was really focused on 3 things: studying hard, obeying my parents, and studying hard. I graduated from college at 20, and went out into the real world without a clue on how to get girls. From 20 to 23, I worked a a high profile management consulting job in New York. I thought I had all the tools I needed: a great job, apartment, and car. Where were all the hotties that were promised to me if I followed all of society’s rules?!?


    Literally, this was me at 23

    I was still in full chode mode, No “tangible results”

    I was never a pessimistic person, but I started to feel dejected as more and more girls rejected me for no apparent reason. I would go up to a girl and say hello, and she would tell me she has a boyfriend. I realized that this was a problem I needed to fix, ASAP. I remember the first number I ever got from a girl I didn’t know from any social circle. She was a beautiful Texas blonde. When I called her, there was no reply. I left 3 voicemails in a week. Finally she called back, and I picked up with excitement. It was a guy on the line, “hey man, you are creeping her out. Please stop“. I remember sitting on my living room couch during this call. My roommate was with her hot girlfriend and I sat there for 20 minutes. I realized something needed to change, I just didn’t know how to go about it.

    Journey To Getting Fucking Good (Short Version)

    6 months later, I was in San Francisco and I met a guy named Bob. Bob told me about a book called “The Game” and I told him I am perfectly good on the basketball court. He laughed. A few weeks later I picked up the book on Amazon, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I immediately hooked up with the guys on the SF Lair and forums and went out. I remember in the first 30 days, I met my first girlfriend. She was a beautiful brunette from Kansas city. How I got her is still a mystery to me today, but I think my youthful enthusiasm seeped through all of my interactions and in my mind, there was just no way I could fail. We dated for a year and things were great, but never very deep.Since then, I have traveled a path of learning game whenever I am single (I choose to be in relationships if I want to). My path has led me to learn many different types of game: picking up girls a nightclubs, during the day, at the beach, at the mall, building a social circle, and I’ve had to privilege to interview some of the best in our industry.

    As of this writing, I have the power to walk out downtown any Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Usually I am with a friend or wing, but even if I was alone, I no longer feel fear. I know I can meet someone I fancy and start up an interaction with her that provides good emotions for both her and I.

    Tangible Results and Freedom

    Since then, I have been with girls of all sorts, from an 18 year old Lush store girl to a threesome with 2 Spanish MILFs, to beautiful blondes with varying shades of tan. This year marks my 30th anniversary on this plane, and I am looking for the ONE. I still believe in love. But enough about that. You’re here to learn how to get laid? :) Or if you are more like me, how to have freedom and options when it comes to your dating life.

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    The Importance of Style

    There are many schools of thought and each “master” has their own attributes that they have accentuated on their journey to fulfill their dreams. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of my path has been the mastery of personal style. The external communication of our identity, and how to use style to generate attraction and makes all of your interactions smoother. More importantly, how it can build your confidence and help you find an inner you that deserves its full expression in the world. My distillation of the secret of style attraction can be found in my men’s style book Seduce With Style

    seduce with style cover pualingo

    I view this the same way a person is allowed to build an avatar in an online virtual world: you can do this with your style in this world too!


    From the anime “Sword Art Online”, real life people get stuck in a virtual reality where they have to forge new identities

    My goal for “pick up artist (PUA)” Lingo is to make it as informative as possible, without commercial bias. Here’s to your success with women, and with life. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

    P.S. I’ve spent years studying game and PUA concepts so you don’t’ have to. Get more dates by implementing the techniques I teach via the Secret Society newsletter:

    You Friend,

    -Vince Lin

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    PUA Lingo is the Pick Up Artist’s Encyclopedia.

    Started in 2008 as a simple glossary, the site has grown tremendously since then to include all of the world’s PUA terms and acronyms, as well as PUA routines, openers, product reviews, and more. If you’re looking for information about the seduction community, PUA Lingo is the best place to start.

    Here are some of the things you can find on PUA Lingo:

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    We hope that you find this guide to be helpful on your journey, and that you gain as much value from reading it as we have found from putting it together.


    AlphaWolf and Casual, Oct. 2010

    About the Original Authors


    AlphaWolf (aka Vince Lin):  AlphaWolf’s journey into the seduction community began one night out in San Francisco, when he ran into an AMOG who recommended reading “The Game“. AlphaWolf got the book, finished it in 2 days, and has not been the same ever since. Alpha’s foundation stems from the Mystery Method, although more recently he has branched out into more natural game, Juggler’s Method and general improvisational skills. During his free time, Alpha is involved in entrepreneurship and enjoys a game of basketball with his friends. He keeps a personal blog of his life lessons in business and love.

    casualCasual: Casual entered the pickup community after being LJBF’d and suffering from an acute case of one-itis.  He stumbled across “The Game” by Neil Strauss, and later adopted the C&F method from DYD.  He is a big fan of natural game, and has taken courses with Charisma Coaching, and has studied the materials of CA and the AoC. When not working on PUA Lingo, Casual enjoys building his passive value by pursuing his passion for dance, and is studying to be an entrepreneur and engineer.

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      Hi vince
      Great site

      in case you didn’t know the video link isnt working here:


    • Hi, this is Fred from Taiwan.

      I’m also one of the top 10 Asian Pua.

      My web site is http://www.no1pua.com

      I like to talk about the business with u for teaching in Taiwan.

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    • Vince … what artist creates those caricatures for you?

      • Sup homie. A great designer from Brazil email me I’ll send you his contact

    • Avatar Chad

      Hi Vince,

      I came across your website while reading “The Game.” I forgot one of the acronyms mentioned and typed it into google and bam! Your website came up. Almost finished reading the book and I’m hooked. Want to get as good as possible with the game in real life.

      Your website is great. Look forward to learning all there is to know!

    • Avatar Oliver Kemp

      Hi Vince

      I’m reading your book Seduce with style 2.0. you mentioned a book called 30 days to a great body, but i cannot find it please can you help me?

      Ollie Kemp

      • Just emailed you mate. Everyone has has purchased SWS 1 and 2.0 has access to 3.0 and all the ebooks ;)

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