7 Style Tips

It’s tough being a man. It’s even harder to be stylish. Therefore, it’s often exceedingly difficult to be a stylish man! While not everything in life is so simply syllogistic, style can be. The following “lucky 7” of tips should help any man feel good (and maybe get lucky?)

1. Less is more

Don’t ever overdo it. Whether it’s a style, a trend, the hair gel, or the aftershave, less is always more when it comes to being stylish and sexy. Planning to rock a leather jacket? Leave the studded belt and wallet chain at home. Picked out a plaid button down? Leave the the belt buckle and western style boots behind. Simplicity is sexy; it’s alluring, and it also means that you don’t need to hide behind items or an image to be a confident and well dressed man.

2. Layering is where it’s at. 

Always too hot in the summer? Always too cold in the winter? Girlfriend is forever stealing your shirt/sweater/jacket? The best solution for all of the above is to layer. In the summer, layering can help ease the transition from day to night or from cubicle monkey to sexy Lothario. In the winter, layering can protect from the elements, and make you seem like a hero to the hot girl in the slinky dress and six inch heels who is freezing to death in line at the club.

3. Yes, shoes matter. No, one pair will not suffice.

Men often think that they only really need one pair of shoes. Granted, the fifty plus pairs that many women boast is probably excessive, but there needs to be options. Every man who strives to be the “every man” should have a good pair of casual shoes (not running/hiking shoes – save those for the gym). Think classic shapes and colours with style. In addition, a good pair of dress shoes (or two!) constitute an absolute necessity.

Black Casual Shoes

4. Make sure the clothes fit.

It sounds like an obvious point to make, but make sure every item of clothing fits properly. This is a common mistake that so many “almost-stylish” men make. Most of us aren’t born with the measurements to wear clothing “off the rack.” Find a good tailor; have pants hemmed, waist bands nipped, suit jackets adjusted, and shirt collars perfected.

man in small shirt

5. Invest in a good hair style

Not every cut works for everyone. Stop going to the five dollar place at the mall, and don’t let your sister’s boyfriend’s ex’s mother cut your hair. Pick a stylish, trendy, and upscale salon and go in with your “normal” ‘do. Ask the stylist for his or her opinion – this person sees hundreds of clients and knows what works and what doesn’t. Trust his or her judgement – it’s likely not as sentimental or as biased as your own. A good haircut runs more than the price that gets charged at the walk-in place at the mall. Perfect presentation is priceless.

6. Be comfortable (in the literal and the metaphorical sense)

Nothing is worse than seeing someone in an incredibly trendy get up…….that the person so obviously doesn’t like and doesn’t feel good in. Wear what you love, but within reason. Those beloved grey college sweat pants with the hole in the crotch? Not a good choice. The uber-trendy skinny jeans with the tight, tucked in polo and popped collar in bubble gum pink that you think looks ridiculous, but, hey, everyone else is wearing? Just as bad. Trends are great, and so are “looks”, but make sure that your style is always true to who you are, and that you actually enjoy what you’re wearing. Otherwise, it just looks forced.

7. Don’t forget about the basics

While clothing is important, presentation is always paramount. Make sure that anything being worn is wrinkle free and clean! There’s nothing worse than being the guy in the room who smells of old gym socks or looks like he just rolled out of bed after a bad one night stand. Be clean shaven. Make sure you brushed your teeth. Wash your face. The list goes on. If you want to be taken seriously and treated like a professional or someone to be desired, you have to look the part.

Well dressed man

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