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  • 7 Hour Rule

    By on May 30, 2009

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    Quick Definition: A rule of thumb for the average amount time it takes to build the comfort necessary for sex.

    Full Definition:

    The 7 Hour Rule is a term coined by Mystery to describe the average amount of time that most PUAs spend with a woman before having sex with her. The 7 Hour Rule comes from Mystery’s reflection on his own pickups, as well as from comparing notes with other pick up artists. What he found was that it usually took 4-10 hours, or an average of 7 hours, from the first meeting to the fclose.

    The 7 hours in the 7 Hour Rule is cumulative. For example, a PUA might spend an hour with a girl at the bar, then another two hours with her at an after party, and then finally another four hours on a day 2, for a total of 7 hours.

    Seven - The Magic Number

    Seven – The Magic Number

    Of course, the 7 Hour Rule is just a general guideline, and is by no means an iron clad rule. Many SNLs and ONSs, for example, happen in the span of a single evening, and some PUAs claim to have slept with women within the first 30 minutes of meeting them. The 7 Hour Rule, then, is an observation of a general pattern, rather than an actual rule that PUAs follow when pursuing women.

    Other PUAs argue that 7 hours is the minimum amount of time it takes to build enough comfort with a woman so that she does not suffer from buyer’s remorse after sleeping with them. However, this number again varies from person to person. It also depends on how the pickup unfolds. Some women will sleep with a PUA in just a few hours and not regret the encounter at all.

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    Source: Mystery

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