6 Month Rule

Quick Definition: Tyler Durden’s philosophy that came from his own in-field experience explaining that if an artist goes out consistently in 6 months, the peak of his 6 month timeline will become the “norm” of his average going out night.

Full Definition:

6 months is a long time to go out for most people. And to do so consistently means going out at least 3 times a week, for at least 2 hours and approaching X number of sets (everyone has their own metrics). The key here is consistency of effort. As the newbie gets better, he will have some bad nights. Some are really bad. Other nights will feel amazing. The amazing nights will increase the person’s level of consciousness as he continues to learn about game and dive deeper into social dynamics.

Some rules aren't meant to be broken
Some rules aren’t meant to be broken

Keep in mind that just “going out and having fun with the bros” does not constitute in-field practice. There needs to be a process. Tonight, I am working on hooking the set, for example.

Some super newbies complain that they do not see results in the first 6 months. This is highly unlikely as most people will experience both success and failure. Having a coach, of course, accelerates this process significantly. Be consistently practice for 6+ months on any skill can be extremely difficult without any rules or structure – will power alone runs out and is not enough. Having a set schedule, having wings, and hanging around things and people that are in alignment with your path will help you accelerate the process. For a troubleshooting guide, checkout the 7 mistakes intermediate PUAs still make (I was also on this path, that’s how I know what it feels like to be in the game for a few years and still not getting the girls you want.)

Owen talks about the 6 month rule in the beginning of this video:

Usage: The 6 month rule applies to all who go out consistently to practice game.

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