500. Life Coaches. Seduction Mansion.

500500. That is a lot of freaking posts. I still remember the day Casual and I sat in my room, with sheets of paper, pickup books and Internet pages will staring at us in their purest forms and definitions. Since then, we have launched in 2009 with 350 posts, and grew the site to 500 just last week.When we started this, we thought that an aggregation of the appendix of The Game, The Venusian Arts Handbook and FastSeduction would do the trick. Boy were we wrong. New words came from everywhere. New products. Instructors from new schools. Guys we go out with. Instructors visiting San Francisco from out of town (Troy D). Our own gaming experiences. And so on. Game will always be innovative, because the very concept of an “artform” never stays static. Like water, it flows and evolves, adapts the different situations as the world changes. Therefore, look for many more definitions to come. As always, we welcome guest bloggers and post submissions, with a thank you backlink to your own blog or site.

Are you a master yet?

As the owner of PUA Lingo and Partner as AlphaCasual Productions I get this a lot. Truth be told, I can hold my own. However, I would not consider myself a master. Rather, Casual and I focus on organizing the information and making it useful, accurate, and accessible to anyone who wishes to learn about game. On some nights in the field when I feel lost, I find myself looking up certain definitions and finding clarity in principals such as abundance mentality, congruence and identity.

Game & Life

Even after being in the game for over 2 years now, my best nights and experiences still reside in times when I felt love. The love of close friends and that inner peace you find when you know that you are loved, and that you can give love to the world. The concepts you learn here are in their purest form, but always remember that routines and techniques are only tools to help you find your inner nature.

Life Artists

The term “pickup artist” has become a double-edged sword. Some see it as a secret identity, others see it as a burden, a label that people use to simplify that which they do not fully understand. In some ways, the industry has also become very commercialized. No longer is game about ideas, philosophy and seduction. Rather, it is about who has the best selling product and the latest “technology” on getting laid.

To play devil’s advocate, you probably are seeing AdSense ads to your right and also display banner ads as you are reading this. Most of our revenue does not come from PUA Lingo. Despite the traffic, the payouts for this industry remains quite low. Most of the money still remains in bootcamps, and rightfully so. Casual and I are also seeking a way out of the financial boundaries that often chain us down. Many still remain unaware of its effects on the soul. When we achieve this level of success, both of us are planning to pursue being a life coach full time.


A life coach to me is not only about pickup. It is about maximizing a person’s full potential. I had a dream not too long ago where there would be a school built for the purposes of seduction. It reminded me of the X mansion in the X-men series. Where different youngsters would bring different gifts of social intuition, and learn about seduction together.  All are welcome. Men. Women. Children. Adults. Brought together by the vision of understanding human dynamics.

But for now… to the next 500 definitions!


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