4 Crucial Mindsets Every PUA Needs

Guest post by Chris Orleans.

“Every battle is won before it is fought…”
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Seduction is not about techniques or inner game or any of that nonsense. It’s about how you think. Take a guy with all the techniques in the world under his belt and he may get a little bit of attention but it will all lead to a dead end.

Seduction starts in your own head as an idea and those ideas can be productive or set you back. Right from the get go you need to have the right perspective and thought process in order to be successful with women on a romantic level otherwise you’ll just end of spinning your wheels. Here are 4 crucial mindsets to have when dealing with women.

Women Love Sex

Women Love Sex

Ever watch a woman scream in ecstasy when she has an orgasm? Women love sex so much that it needs to be said twice. Women. Love. Sex.

You are not doing anything wrong by pursuing a sexual relationship with a woman. In fact to try to mask that under a false pretense is tremendously ineffective and manipulative.

This is something you really have to come to terms with. If you truly understand and believe that women want the same thing that we do then your perception and application of approaching women will change dramatically.

Seduction Can and Should Be Fun

People tend to treat seduction as a very serious thing. But there needs to be a distinction between the learning process and the application.

The learning process of picking up women should be taken extremely seriously. This is your love life that we’re talking about and it should be treated with the utmost respect.

However, as soon as you leave your home you need to drop the seriousness and take on the attitude that this is going to be a fun adventure.

Lets talk frankly. All we’re doing is going out and talking to chicks. Should this not be a fun process? If you aren’t having fun talking to women why would women have fun talking to you?

If You Want Meat on the Table You Have to Put Lead in the Air

How can you expect to meet the girl of your dreams if you aren’t doing approaches? There’s no such thing as failing at pickup unless you fail to do your approaches.

It always frustrates me when people treat seduction differently than any other skill. You don’t get better at basketball or guitar or a martial art by reading about it

Like anything else pickup is not a spectator sport as much as we wish it was sometimes. You aren’t going to get better by watching other people do it or by reading about it.

If you want to get better with women you have to be doing your approaches daily. It’s that simple.

You Never Know Until You Hear No

Ask Her Out

The biggest mistake every new guy makes is walking away from the approach prematurely. Whether they’re scared of being truly rejected or they receive the slightest amount of resistance it’s a common habit of men to walk away before they’ve really pushed the interaction.

I’ve seen a lot of men walk away from situations where the woman was giving subtle hints of attraction but not necessarily a full green light. You will never know what she’s thinking until you push her to give you an honest and full no.

There’s no point in doing an approach unless you’ll see it until the end. Be bold and willing to face true rejection or success and you’ll grow a lot faster than doing thousands of uncommitted approaches.