• 3 Girls A Day (Todd Valentine) Review

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    About The Author

    Todd is one of RSD’s executive instructors whose emphasis on structure, direct breakdown of game mechanics earned him a top spot among RSD’s senior teachers in 2013 and 2014. Guys who are socially less calibrated him his instructions very informative and he’s able to communicate with overly analytical students in a way that gets them out of their head and understanding the actual concepts.

    I didn’t like Todd at first. He lacks Tyler’s energy and Julien’s dynamic tonality and deep voice. Nonetheless, after watching his hotseats, I became more and more impressed with his analytical and structure view of the game.

    You can find Todd Valentine’s manifesto here:

    Here is Todd’s bonus video on the 3 Girls A Day product:

    Why Online Game?

    Todd explains in his first video that online game should not be a replacement for real game. Nonetheless, it gives you access to hot girls who do not go out to clubs, and also forces you to display your personality and traits via the “online profile”. He explains later on the basic principles of writing a succinct, memorable profile.

    Product Positives

    • A lot of content – video and written content
    • Todd touches on really cool principles of writing a good profile. His profile examples are borderline obnoxious – as he mentions, you would rather get hate mail from people, otherwise, you’re not doing it right. It is about getting a few girls REALLY into you, rather than trying to get every girl to like you.
    • His introduces the concept of “social capital” between messages, which explains why girls flake out after certain messages or you can never get the girl out even if she messaged you first
    • Good explanations of how to handle a girl’s phone number, and what to say on the phone
    • Proper explanation of “mixed signal” type messages, and how to decipher them and what to do thereafter

    Negatives Negatives

    •  I wish there would be more “copy” and “paste” material in the written section. I understand they are afraid of people ripping this off completely however, a downloadable worksheet with “first message”, “shit test replies”, “asking her out” would have totally been awesome!

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    1 comment

    Jordan September 22, 2014 - 1:51 am

    I thought there was a lot of copy and paste material? I was thinking of buying it and looking forward to that. Can you elaborate more on how little there actually was? I was under the impression that we would be giving us a lot.


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