3 Elements to Draw a Woman Into Your World

Chicago Falcon BannerThe power of Troy Dizon Dating’s teachings is that they were derived by watching naturals who had never consciously tried to develop a method of picking up women.  They were discovered by Troy after going out over and over again, meeting dozens of men who learned their own ways to attract women, and carefully putting together what they all had in common.I mean, let’s be realistic here.  I have a life that involves performing as an actor and as a musician.  Not only do I write for my website, Chicago Falcon, but I also write sketches and screenplays.  I have a day job.  I rehearse several times a week.  I exercise.  I live a life that I’m very happy with.  Where am I supposed to fit in time to go out and meet women?

The answer of course, is that meeting women is a part of this lifestyle.  By living the life that I enjoy, even though it’s extremely busy, the quality of it, and my enthusiasm for it, is more than enough to show women that I am the kind of man who knows what he’s looking for out of life, and is not afraid to go after it.  And they find this very attractive.

From talking with and watching naturals I have determined that there are only three elements necessary to draw a woman into my world and show her enough of my personality to have her coming home with me or waiting for our next date together.

The first element is the development of my core values in life.  These are the rules and philosophies that guide my life, both my day-to-day life and my long term, lifelong goals as well.  How well do you know own habits and behavior?  Have you ever gone on a date with yourself?  How about meditated?  Or perhaps taken an acting class?  Or moved to a new city without knowing anyone?

I ask because these are all things I have practiced and done throughout my life, and the experiences I have had shaped me into the person I am today.  By understanding how the experiences in my life affected me, I’m able to talk about them in relatable ways that give women quick understanding of the person I am, and draw them into my life.  If all you do is try to pick up women several days a week then its obvious why you can’t ever stop.  There’s no chance that any girl will call you because they don’t connect with you.  They’re not interested in you as a person.

I would recommend you stop to consider one of the founding core values we teach: women want men, and a man is someone who can clearly and unashamedly pursue what he wants out of life.  I do not talk to women just to practice approaching.  I will talk to a woman who, for one reason or another, seems interesting or attractive to me.  Are they projecting a positive energy and vibe?  Or maybe they’re actresses that are relaxing after their show.  Or we made accidental eye contact in a store and she smiled instead of flinching?  Sometimes the reasons can be deep and passionate, or they can be light and flirty.  But I encourage you all to get out there and start to experience life, as it is only through developing a library of experiences and lifestyle choices that you will have a reservoir of knowledge to draw on when talking to a girl.

The second necessary element is sexual insinuation.  Yes, it is the man’s responsibility to introduce the element of sex into the conversation if he’s attracted to the girl he’s talking to.  The ironic part is, men all want to get laid, but they’re extremely nervous about talking about it to girls.  This usually results in them nervously talking about everything but sexual topics, and then, in one giant bomb, dropping everything they’ve wanted to say for the past hour:

“I think the way you read lots of books and like your family is really attractive and I think we should maybe hold hands or make out or get to know each other better if you’re not like that because I don’t really know what you’re like even though we’ve talked for an hour!”

Okay, let me give you a moment while you stop laughing.

Here’s a better example.  One that I said to a girl in a bar some months ago:

Me: “The lighting in here looks really good!”

Her: “I know!”

Me: “It actually reminds me of a late night Cinemax movie.  One of those softcore films where the actors keep their underwear on while they have sex…”

Her: {laughs} You’re right!  Oh wow, I don’t know if I can come back here anymore now…

Me: “I know what you mean.  I can’t watch those movies anymore either.  Good thing I have a better bar to go to later tonight…”

This is the simplest, safest way to insinuate sex.  Right away I’ve established myself as a sexual guy, and as a fun guy.  That was a fun conversation to have, and this ensured that she would always be in my line of sight that night, waiting for me to talk to her again.

Don’t be afraid of sexual topics.  Everyone is interested in sex, and therefore talking about sex will make you the most interesting person in the room.  This will also go to show how comfortable you are with the topic of sexuality, and make sex, either that night or later down the road, a very real possibility.

The final topic is called foreshadowing, and this is letting women know what they can expect from you in the future.  My last example ended in a foreshadow, when I said “Good thing I have a better bar to go to later tonight….”  This introduces the idea of going to another venue together later, and is essential in giving women the time to arrange to follow your lead.  The following examples are all excellent uses of foreshadowing….

“I’m hungry.  I’m gonna need some food soon!”

“Sex is nice.  Just because two people have sex doesn’t mean they’re committing to anything long term.  But I like how comfortable I feel with someone after we’ve had sex.”

“I’d like to show you how I make pasta.  After eating Barilla you’re whole life you’d go nuts over the stuff I roll!”

“Just wait until I get you alone….”

Think about a kid on Christmas morning.  She sees her presents and wants to open them so badly, but needs to wait for everyone else to wake up…. but she’s just dying to open one…. she wants to know more about them….

Foreshadowing is showing a girl the present, and letting her think about what she’ll get if she opens it.  After a period of time, the question is no longer, “Do I want to open it?”  It’s now, “When do I get to open it?”

These three elements – core values, sexual insinuation, and foreshadowing – became obvious after watching dozens of naturals interact with and attract women.  We still see them all the time, especially in people who have never heard of the PUA industry, and have had success after success with our students when training them.  It still amazes me how simple man-woman dynamics really are.

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