3 Dating Hacks For Asian Men

Are you an Asian guy?

Then I bring good news. My friend finally completed the ultimate course for Asian men to blow up your dating life!

This new course called Dating Without Borders

In Dating Without Borders, you’ll learn:

1. how to develop a mindset and framework as a minority to win

2. tactical lines and techniques customized for Asian guys

3. step by step of how I went from 23-year old virgin to dating models at fashion week

4. social circle building when you don’t know anyone (start from 0 in new city 3 times)

5. online dating for Asian men and how that funnel works and can be optimized

6. interview with girls who like Asian men

7. The 3 secret destinations for Asian guys to visit for best cultural effect and ratios

8. ONE secret site that reverses the gender ratios and inbox messages and much, much more.

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