2 Second Rule

Quick Definition: The technique of pausing for two full seconds after someone has made a statement, to ensure that she has said everything she wanted to say.

Full Definition:

The 2 Second Rule is a conversational technique developed by Dan of Charisma Coaching. One of the qualities that women value most in men is the quality of being a good listener. However, many PUAs have poor listening skills because they are focusing on what they are going to say next, or because they interrupt the women whom they are speaking to (usually because the PUA is anxious to relate to the girl regarding something she mentioned).

The  2 Second Rule is a good technique that can be used to improve a PUA’s listening skills. By waiting for a full two seconds after a person has made a statement, you ensure that the other person has had a chance to say everything she wanted to say. The PUA can then relate to the last statement that the woman made, which is usually her main point that .

Good listening skills are crucial to developing strong rapport and having a good conversation. The 2 Second Rule can be a good way to stay in the moment and be an attentive listener.


Try using the 2 second rule, instead of interrupting her every time she talks!

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Source: Charisma Coaching

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