17 Awesome Image Texts To Get A Date

Text game can be hard enough as it is, but sometimes, a good joke or meme can change the entire interaction. Here are some of our favorite image texts when trying to get girls out on dates. Keep in mind that ultimately, text game depends on the context, and the quality of the initial face to face interaction. Everything after that simply extends the process of your personality across her texting / phone platform.

 #1 Joke you send before going on a date.
Accompanying Text: “I’ll be dressed sexy so you do too”


#2 When a girl cancels, or says she’s not available on a certain weekend:

Accompanying Text: all good.

#3 Framing:

“lets hope our date isn’t like this”

#4 Cute way to ask for a date. This only works if she already likes you and have properly invested emotionally:


#5 Text: I usually don’t date club girls anymore because…

funny dating meme1

#6 I wish guys had the power of makeup! This text only works if you’re already on joking terms with her. Works better on girls who are attractive without makeup, the joke can be setup without actually insulting her but rather the fact that makeup tricks are so prevalent in today’s society.

#7 If she says she likes being single:

#8 Fun way to ask her out:

#9 Text: Remember, just be yourself, don’t plan too hard for our date this Friday


#10 If she says I dont usually date on these apps…

#11. If she’s not firm on the date of committing, “maybe…” then you send:

#12 If she’s a harry potter fan, or, just a random ping text

#13 Fun text before the first date. Positions you as a normal guy because you recognize when it isn’t like that…

#14 For girls that you’re trying to frame as, you’re busy

Text: “ok. Just make sure you’re not one of these girls…”tumblr_lbwe6nIPPW1qb5gkjo1_500

#15. When she texts “who is this?”

Text: (just include the image, then actually answer her question) This sets you apart


#16 If she said something crazy or disagreeable:


#17. If you met online, a funny way to diffuse the situation


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