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  • 15 Best Celebrity-Look-Alike Pornstars

    By on December 29, 2014

    Every celebrity has at least 1 real life lookalike, but when that doppelganger is a porn-star, things get a lot more interesting and fantasies get more real (or unreal, depending on your frame of reference).

    Sarah Silverman with her trademark slightly dorky yet sexy look is resembled by Joanna Angel. Their facial features look completely alike, as do their body types.


    When I first saw Tori black I was immediately drawn to her face. Subsequently, I’ve noticed other things too.


    Mia stone is probably hotter than Michelle Trachtenberg, with a skinner body frame and killer on-set attitude. Fans of Mia credit her for really getting into a scene and becoming the part of the vixen (as opposed to just playing the vixen)


    The very young Ellen Paige has a doppelganger in Ariel Rebel. I haven’t seen Ariel’s work so I can’t comment


    You may know of these 2 stars however Lyndsy Fonseca has a look-alike in Faith Leon


    Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol share a similar innocent vibe and cutesey face


    Jenna Presley, at least before her implants, totally had the killer face and body that resembled Hurley’s

    elizabeth hayley and jenna presley

    Lass is technically a Suicide Girl doing nude shoots (not porn) however her resemblance to Emma Stone is uncanny

    emma stone and lass (suicide girls)

    Kate Mara, of House of Cards game has always spawned dirty thoughts in old men (and just men in general) everywhere. When dirty little Caprice came on the scene, men came in their hands.


    Kristin Kreuk has a very distinct look, as does Danni Cole. Danni is a bit taller though

    kristin kreuk and danni cole

    Lisa Ann had a famous MILFY comeback in her portrayl of Sarah Palin during the 2004 Elections. Sarah was not impressed. Men everywhere were.

    lisa ann and sarah_palin

    Jesse Jane is one of the most ferocious pornstars in the business, thouht she’s a bit shorter than her doppelganger Jamie Presley


    Carmel Moore stepped on the scene as a spicy brunette/latina. When her girl is curled and she shakes her hips, Shakira comes to mind

    shakir and carmel moore

    No one could be more annoyed at Tyra Bankxxx than Tyra Banks. The pornstar is tall, skinny, and with the right makeup genuinely looks like Tyra.

    tyra bankxxx and tyra

    This one is self explanatory…


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