• 12 Men's Undercuts That Gives You An Instantly Sexy Look

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Undercuts have always been popularly sexy. In the 90s, it as mostly associated with “villainous” bad dudes or super alternative rockstars… but now they are making a comeback in men’s fashion.


    This is a NO-NO (Counter example!)

    What used to be confined to the runway or male celebrities is now influencing more and more everyday guys, and the ladies are thankful. Below are pictures of a few guys who have got the undercut right:

    Adam Levin (of Maroon5) has been sporting this look his his scruffy beard for a while:

    adam levine

    Asian model from Korean catalog

    asian guy

    Soccer fans know Cristian Ronaldo looks good on and off the field

    cristiano ronaldo

    David Beckam has rocked many different styles, this one included:

    david beckham

    Male model from J-Crew type catalog:


    An older dude still embodying a “rocker” attitude (AKA Silver Fox):

    gray fox

    Justin Timberlake, with the sides more smoothed out to match the layering (as opposed to contrast):

    justin timberlake

    Michael Pitt from the side:

    michael pitt

    Olivier Giroud:

    olivier giroud

    The famous Ricky Martin:

    ricky martin

    Korean Popstar T.O.P. (from Big Bang):

    top korean singer

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