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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A method of keeping an interaction interesting by alternating between interest and disinterest at irregular intervals.

    Full Definition:

    Similar to the concept of “hot & cold” in psychology, 101 is a method to help keep you unpredictable. If you shower a girl with too much attention, you risk¬†losing her attraction.

    There are many similar ideas to the concept of 101 from different schools of pickup such as Push/Pull, Intermittence, and BHRR. The basic premise behind all of these methods is that you should keep an interaction unpredictable and interesting, rather than predictable and boring.

    The term has its origins in electronics, where “1” stands for “on” and “0” stands for “off.”


    You’re giving her too much attention. You need to throw in a little more 101 to keep her interested.

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    Source: Neo-Rio

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