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    Quick Definition: A girl who is out by herself or has been left alone by her friends for a considerable period of time.

    Full Definition:

    The term one set or 1-set refers to a girl who is out alone or who has been left by herself by her friends. Mystery notes “It’s very rare to come across one sets in a night game setting because women of beauty rarely go out by themselves. They usually move in groups of two or more, which is a good idea considering how much easier it is for a group of girls to deter creeps, unwanted suitors or otherwise drunk men than it would be for a girl by herself.”

    Girl alone by herself

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    That said, a one set, when spotted make excellent sets to open. This is because girls who are out alone by themselves are usually by themselves because they’re looking to hookup and because they want to do so without the social pressure and judgement of their friends and peers. One sets are also not subject to groupthink mentality or the control of mother hens. When you spot a girl by herself who is giving out approach invitations, be sure to approach quickly because there will be other men waiting to swoop in.

    It is important to remember though that most one sets that you encounter in a nightgame environment will most likely be girls who’ve been left alone by their friends. With these girls you must be prepared to handle their friends entering the set at any given moment and changing the nature of the interaction. The experienced pickup artist will anticipate the moment when a friend or obstacle is about to enter the set and will include that person in the conversation before they cause an interrupt.

    One sets are also much more frequent in daytime settings because people go about their business alone much more so than they would during the night. However, a girl by herself at night, AKA “Lone wolf” is usually looking for the potential of a hook-up based on field experience from many artists.

    Usage: I approached what I thought was a one set but was interrupted by her friend.

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