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  • "You're a Herd" Opener

    By on February 14, 2010

    Originally from Jeffy, the “you’re a herd” opener is a slightly quirky, witty and smart opener.

    PUA: “You’re a HERD!”

    Girl: “What!?!”

    PUA: “A HERD. A Hot Nerd.”

    Girls laugh

    This opener sets a quick frame for slightly quirky humor. It also gives her some value in a compliment, but it is also well calibrated enough where it can become a neg by labeling her as a “nerd”. It is a DHV and DLV at the same time and you can go either way. Watch Sinn’s explanation:

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    One Comment

    • G-Money

      Sick. Should have given Natural Tim credit for the “5 minute girlfriend” part, though. Pure evil.

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