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  • What If The Game Had Achievements?

    By on February 14, 2011

    Achievement Unlocked PUA

    What if the pickup game supported achievements, just like games on Steam, Xbox or PS3? Bragging to your wings about which one you’ve just unlocked, imagine that! Here’s a list of PUA achievements from the guys over at PUA Gamer:

    • Routine Stacker – Successfully stack 5 routines together without getting blown out.
    • Jenga – Successfully stack 10 routines together.
    • Tower of Babel – Successfully stack more than 15 routines together in a single interaction.
    • Social Robot – Run through an entire interaction using only pre-scripted routines and openers.
    • One Minute Man – Get blown out of set in one minute or less.
    • Leader Of Men – Get promoted to a moderator of a PUA Forum or message board.
    • Peacocked – Buy a fuzzy hat from the costume store.
    • Alpha Male Of Group – Act like a douche to another guy at the club.
    • Analysis Paralysis – Read 5 different PUA books without approaching any women.
    • Keyboard Jockey – Win an argument on a PUA lair forum.
    • Neuro Linguistic Programmer – Incorporate 3 pieces of NLP “technology” into a convo without creeping the girl out.
    • Field Reporter – Write 10 field reports.
    • Lay Reporter – Write 10 lay reports.
    • Phone Closer – Collect 15 phone numbers from women.
    • Facebook Closer – Add 10 girls on Facebook.
    • Double Your Dating – Date twice as many girls as the week before (unless that number is zero).
    • Boyfriend Destroyer – Sleep with a girl who has a boyfriend.
    • Approach Machine – Approach 20 girls in one hour.
    • PUA Pirate – Download a PUA program illegally off of Limewire or BitTorrent.
    • Master Pickup Artist – Start your own pickup company.

    For more PUA achievements, check out PUA Gamer.

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    • It should have an achievement called “Creepy Weirdo”, which anyone gets for wanting to be a pua.

      • asshat

        congrats, you have just earned yourself the “butthurt” achievement!

    • Lodge

      Or an achievement for posting comments on PUA sites, lol.

    • eclipse

      Bouncer – bounce a girl to 5 different venues

    • Thanks, we’ll have to add that one!

    • AussiePooer90

      how many points for the “creepy weirdo” achievement/trophy??

      P.S. Funkin amazing idea i am going to start that with my mates

    • Peitho

      Juggernaut – Plow set for five minutes after they want you to leave.
      Getting Handsy – Run three hand related routines in single set.
      Vampire – Get girl to bite you in four places (Style’s Evolution Phase Shift)

    • Someone should develop a iphone app for this with social gaming features. Seriously.

    • nick

      damn its really cool. actually i think i have done some . i mean analysis paralysis sure. facebook closer , ten times. and boyfriend destroyer .

    • Thanks for the link to PUA Gamer’s site but he hasn’t posted since 2011. His site and concepts looked promising. #Sad!

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