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  • AlphaWolf (Vince Lin)

    By on January 27, 2013

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    AlphaWolf (Vince Lin)
    AlphaWolf (Vince Lin)

    Real Name: Vince Lin (AlphaWolf)
    Affiliation: PUA Instructor at PUA Lingo, Seduce With Style

    Vince Lin (AlphaWolf)

    Vince Lin is a PUA based out of Mountain View, California near all the tech companies in Silicon Valley. As a avid reader and diplomatic kid, he never really fully understood women or the opposite sex until after college. His journey into the game started in 2006 after reading The Game. Vince keeps a low profile and doesn’t like to post his pictures publicly due to his association with white collar, public tech companies in the valley.

    His skill set stems from learning everything, including MM and then branching out to a more natural approach with improv and different thoughts and techniques from naturals in all areas in and outside of the traditional seduction community. Of Chinese decent, AlphaWolf is also a major advocate for racial equally in dating and interrcial dating. He sets an example for Asian men that want to date outside of their race and currently runs http://whitegirlswithasianguys.com/.

    Vince is an entrepreneur who loves to build new websites and continues to write for PUA Lingo.

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