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  • Under 21 Convention

    By on June 5, 2010

    Quick Definition: A yearly convention held in a host city where PUAs across the world discuss game for artists that are under 21 and cannot get into the bar scene in the United States (Except 18+ clubs).

    Full Definition:

    Skills learned earlier in age tend to have longer term impact down the line. Under 21 game focuses on gaming in schools, on campus, and getting lays without going to bars and clubs. Unlike the mass gathering of dorky men who have no pickup skills and have picked up many bad habits that often took years of passive inaction with women to accumulate, younger PUAs tend to be cooler and adapt faster to the community’s teaching.

    Nick Sparks on learning game while in college in the Under 21 Convention:

    Adam Lyons on 3 qualities naturals have (simplified college game):

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