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  • Troy Dizon Dating (TDD)

    By on August 28, 2009

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    Quick Definition: A pickup and dating company founded by former Charisma Arts instructor, Troy Dizon.

    Full Definition:

    Troy Dizon Dating is a pickup company founded by Troy Dizon, a Charisma Arts alumnus who has gone on to create one of the largest pickup companies in the world. Troy Dizon Dating (or TDD) has dozens of coaches across the country and around the globe. They hold bootcamps in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East (UAE).

    Troy Dizon Dating focuses not only on the tactics and mindsets of pickup, but also strongly emphasizes lifestyle development. The TDD motto is “A RESULTS-FOCUSED Approach on Attaining your Desired Dating and Social Life.”,The TDD instructors help their students develop lifestyles that are congruent with the type of women that they want to date.

    Troy Dizon Dating Overview

    The company teaches three-day long bootcamps around the world, as well as offers personal, one-on-one coaching and phone consultations. The company has a website (link below), which features a podcast, blog, and active user forum, as well as links to buy Troy Dizon’s audio coaching series.

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