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    By on December 27, 2008

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    Quick Definition: The concept of possessing a box with a set of tools that are specific to accomplishing different pickup tasks and addressing various areas of game as they arise.

    Full Definition:

    By continuing to improve one’s skills, the PUA can develop and enhance his toolbox to encompass many areas of game. For example, in addition to dance classes for club game, the PUA can also develop a strong foundation for managing MLTRs to handle the leads he is getting from night game.

    Collecting and perfecting the toolbox with effectiveness and efficiency is essential for a PUA’s success. Likewise, avoid tools that do not help you attain your goals. If the goal is to find a wife, MLTR and harem management may not be the tools that the PUA needs.


    Is your toolbox full of a few very strong skills, or mediocre skills in many areas?

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