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  • Target-Rich/Target-Poor

    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: The availability of viable targets and sets within a given venue.

    Full Definition:

    A target-rich venue has a favorable female to male ratios, and females appear to be approachable. A target-poor venue usually has very few people, or a much higher male-to-female ratio. It is possible for a venue to have a lot of people, but no available targets, such as a couple’s swing dancing event. Generally, a higher female to male ratio ensures a target-rich environment.


    Vegas is usually a target rich environment


    Matrix is usually very target rich in terms of meat market mentality.

    Related Terms: Venue, Target, Logistics, Social Proof

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  • One Comment

    • Mothman454

      My local mall is a “Target rich” place to meet ladies. And soon im gonna meet one thats NOT married!!!

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