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  • Stripper Game

    By on January 2, 2009

    AKA Exotic Dancer Game

    Quick Definition: The specific area of game that deals with pulling and having a relationship with strippers.

    Full Definition:

    Strippers are gamers. We love them because of their ability to seduce men and make them feel wanted. There are also inherent DHVs in dating a stripper. For one, she must be physically good looking, because she is hired in a large part for her beauty. Second, the PUA that successfully games a stripper must have inherently high values, or good game (these two are not mutually exclusive).

    stripper game

    Stripper game is also very difficult, given the environment and setting of other male customers. Some things that are specifically different regarding stripper game:

    1. Most strip bars are real estate. The strippers pay the bar owners for specific times to dance, and they are their own bosses.
    2. Although not a hard rule, most of the time, if a PUA starts paying a stripper for any services rendered, he becomes her “customer” and full closing her without paying is no longer possible.
    3. Treat all strippers in the strip bar as 10s and neg hard.
    4. DHV spike with previous stripper experience and your familiarity to her world.
    5. Fake IOIs will be thrown out like crazy, thus one cannot trust any kino escalation with strippers.
    6. Do not engage in conversations threads that strippers initiate, as they are programmed to “sell” you a lap dance.
    7. A real number close or connection will have to happen outside of the strip bar, so bouncing her is important.
    8. Very important to DQ quickly and effectively early on.
    9. Be aware of the inherent baggage and DLVs of dating strippers: long list of male admirers, a busy schedule, flakiness, usually (but not always) some type of childhood trauma related to her father.

    Mystery, Matador and JDog teaching stripper game in The Pickup Artist:

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    I have read about stripper game but never really tried it in a strip bar before!

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    • AFC

      “Most strip bars are real estate. The strippers pay the bar owners for specific times to dance, and they are their own bosses.”

      Didn’t know that.

    • Yeah. FYI I wrote this post based on the research I could find on Stripper Game from pickup resources. I personally have not been to that many strip clubs.

    • I don’t know why he’s making such a big deal out of it. Stripper game is significantly easier than normal “game”…

      1. No need to worry about approach anxiety.

      2. You can talk about interesting things, psychology, magic, esp, etc…

      3. You can peacock

      4. You’re her Boss! You’re the one who controls the money!

      5. If you know someone there it’s even better.

      I used to dominate strip clubs. I LOVE them. I’ve had exotic dancers bake me cookies at home and sat in the club, eating my cookies and drinking beer with my back turned to the stage watching the game pickup that way. They crave attention, the moment you pull it away they chase.

      Cat string theory.

      Neg, DHV, be interesting, be a performer and DO NOT be a customer.


      – Maverick

    • I doubt that all strippers have emotional baggage, or a bad childhood. Read the book “BARE” by Elizabeth Eaves and you will be stunned.

      And yes, Maverick, I agree. Strip clubs are great training territories. But it needs a reality shift for you to take place – to be outside the stripper’s game.

    • Ted Shred

      I will agree that stripper game is a lot like gaming a SHB10 in attraction, and to also be able to relate to her outside the strip bar for comfort. mostly however, strippers don’t usually make great girlfriends. At first Its a dream come true, until you begin to realize a woman’s looks really has nothing to do with how attractive she is. There are qualities about woman that stand way beyond her looks and figure.

    • Dincop

      Pick a high class strip club were the women are quality and have careers, the girl I’m currently dating is a Doctor by day and stripper by night

    • I have spent the last 15 years devoting myself to mastering strip club game. I wrote down everything I know in my magnum opus: Strip Club Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Stripper Seduction & VIP Status. Mention that you’re from this site and you can get a FREE copy. See you in the club!

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