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    By on December 8, 2011


    Affiliation: PUA Instructor at The Speer Method

    Speer is one of those guys that not everyone knows, but those who know him speak very highly of. According to a recent post on PUA Gathering:

    Speer is one of the BEST minds in the Pickup & Dating Community. He is an expert in social dynamics and an innovator of the NEWEST & MOST EFFECTIVE ways to attract women. He has been awarded The Best PUA Lifestyle 2 years in a row, Rated 3ed, 7th and 9th Best Dating Coach’s In The World by PUA Summit, TSB Magazine, Sinn Of Attraction, The Global Pickup Conference, and has been Labeled “The Real Hitch” by WB/CW Morning Show. He also appears in multiple TV Shows on the Fashion Network, CW, WB and many more. Not to mention his appearances in multiple magazines such as New Times, Herald, Sun-Sentinel, and Men’s Health, Cosmo and many other publications.

    He is also the author and producer of such infamous titles as “Open Like a Master”, “Rudiments”, and “Infield Glimpse”

    Speer Quotes

    Never give up

    When you give someone else value, it is almost a social faux pas if they don’t give you social value back.

    Speer In Field Footage

    Speer and Savoy Interview

    Speer Pictures

    speer pua

    speer pua2

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