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  • Solo Game

    By on January 28, 2013

    AKA Solo Sarging, Solo Winging

    Quick Definition: When a PUA is out and picking up girls by himself, without any friends or wings at the beginning of the night.

    Full Definition:

    Solo sarging is a controversial topic. Some PUAs believe that anyone who is social enough will always be able to go out with friends. But what if you are in a new city and just moved there? Do you wait to go out until you have established connections with some wings?

    True freedom from pick up and social interactions entails that one can go out and make new friends, anywhere in the world. Such a feeling is freeing and allows the artist to embody all that he is, without relying on friends or wings as “psychological backup”.

    Going out alone also encourages the artist to rely only on himself. Often times, PUAs complain that they are handicapped due to the venue, or bad wings. Being out alone, you have no one else to blame – your success and failure is totally dependent on you alone.

    Man Alone at Bar

    Either chill at a bar, or hit up sets. Don’t look around the bar and seem restless.

    Solo Game has a high risk or a person’s self esteem not adjusting to constant rejection. Like a model in the modeling industry, rejection is a part of life, and being out “cold approaching” will inevitably lead to some rejections regardless of how good you are. The good artist understands this underlying social framework, and therefore works and uses it to his advantage.

    Paul Janka’s approach of solo seduction works in New York City:


    Solo Game is a great way to test your skills under difficult circumstances.

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