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  • Seduce With Style Review

    By on April 27, 2011

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    Product Name Seduce With Style
    Author Vince Lin
    Company Affiliation Seduce With Style / AlphaCasual Productions
    Release Date March 2011
    Skill Level Beginner – Intermediate
    Rating Product and content quality – 24/25
    Innovation of material – 25/25
    Application in field/bed – 25/25
    Value for money – 25/25
    Total Score 98/100 (A+)/100 (based on 1 review)
    Price $49.00
    Format 3 Ebooks
    Reviewed By

    I had left Google to write this book, because the whole seduction game has been missing the fashion piece for quite some time. In writing Seduce With Style (SWS), I build upon the existing work by Mystery’s original MM model, as well as Brad P’s Fashion Bible, that was published in 2007. I also reviewed GQ guides, Details Magazine, and dozens of men’s style books and modeling books.

    The purpose of this book was to write about the idea that based on style and fashion, you can draw women to you and increase your own confidence and success in relationships.




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