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    Pick Up Artist

    A person who has committed himself/herself to studying and applying the art of pickup and seduction. Learn how to be a pickup artist.

    PUA Openers

    PUA Openers are lines and gambits that pick up artists use to start conversations with girls. Click the link to learn the most effect PUA openers.

    PUA Routines

    PUA Routines are pre-scripted stories and conversational patterns that pick up artists use to seduce and pickup women. Learn the most common PUA routines.

    PUA Instructors

    Check out profiles of some of the top pick up artists and gurus in the seduction community, from Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries to Zan Perrion and Mystery.

    PUA Products

    Looking for unbiased reviews of the top pickup products out there? Check out our reviews to find which products are winners and which ones are duds.

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