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  • Social Value

    Quick Definition: The inherent and conveyed survival and replication value one has within a given social setting. Full Definition: While a person may have an inherent value, social value is both relative and conveyable to others. This means that a person with innately high social value (good genes, rich, strong social circle) can still experience misfortune, such as someone else dropping a glass of wine on him/her at a particular venue. Other


    Quick Definition: A complex term in the community,  that has many forms and variations. The general definition of value is the anything that another provides to improve the subject’s chance of survival and replication. Beyond this, value can mean anything that offers another person good emotions that also ultimately align with things that also increase one’s S&R success. (I.e. Taking drugs to feel ‘good’ is does not c…

    Passive Value

    …etween the HB and him. Passive Value applies to women as well. Usually, the hotter a girl is, the more passive value she has, and her margin of error when gaming a man of value is higher. Has a man ever fallen for the mediocre looking girl who has charm, wit, and a sense of humor but was a little on the chubby side? If so, it is because she has seduced the man with the right personality, despite having a relatively lower passive value. Passive…

    Value Connector

    Quick Definition: A person with access to specialized or rare resources. Full Definition: Value connectors can be social connectors or dead ends. They do have something that social connectors and dead ends do not have, which is access to exclusive resources. A value connector can be the bouncer at the bar, or the owner of the exclusive beauty salon. The bouncer can be a social connector , or maybe he is just really a loner. In either case…

    Perceived Value

    Quick Definition: The intuitive judgment of a person’s S&R value based on a first impression. Full Definition: Perceived value is mostly based on what the PUA is able to convey externally about his internal personality and game. Whether or not we consider ourselves judgmental, most people’s minds unconsciously associate a value to any new person that enters their reality based on a first impression. Some of the queues that conve…

    Survival and Replication Value (S&R)

    …tion: The degree to which a man is able to contribute to a woman’s biological goals of survival (security) and replication (having good genes). Also sometimes abbreviated as SnR value. Full Definition: In MM bootcamps, Matador and Mystery make it clear that, despite what one may think his goals in life are, our primitive biological brain and body are wired to survive and replicate, ultimately ensuring the passing on of our genes. Thus, whe…

    Sexual Market Value (SMV)

    Quick Definition:  The value that a person has within the sexual marketplace, i.e. how sexually attractive they are to the opposite sex. Full Definition: Sexual market value is a concept taken from Economics, and refers to how sexually attractive a person is to the opposite sex within the sexual marketplace. Broadly speaking, the higher one’s sexual market value, the more sexually attractive they are and the more access they have to sex….

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