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  • Neg hits shouldn’t be straight-out insults

    …she really bugged him out: she was implying that both wing and I were assholes: him for not pursuing CB7’s friend, HB7k, and I for what I guess is not pursuing mine (we were basically going out with those two girls, HBk7 and HB7 at the end of last school’s year, but didn’t do anything to get back with them this year.) I still like HB7 a lot, she’s great, its just that to become good at this I feel I need to separate myself from anything of the…

    Negs / Neg Theory

    …ask that stops one from properly gaming her. Matador: The appropriate response from a girl after a neg is laughter. In general approximation: SHB/HB10 – at most, 3 negs spaced out in between HB8/9 – 1, max 2 negs HB7 and below – negging a 7 may have the counter effect of ruining your game. Be aware of the state and emotion of the HB, as HB7s can feel like HB10s in a high male ratio bar, while HB10s can be having a bad day/self…

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