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  • Neg hits shouldn’t be straight-out insults

    Context: A collection of explanations of how “negs” really work Exoticoptions: My scale: A 6.5 is a cute girl, a 7 is a hot girl, an 8 is the best girl in a group of 50, 9 is tv type/model, 10 are ones in 1000. I leave my house to get to my wing’s house. As I get there, I find him chilling on his porch, unsure about what to wear. Meanwhile behind me some random girl passes. I use a decisive tone (without the “excuse me intro”) to…

    Negs / Neg Theory

    Quick Definition: A unique technique developed by Mystery that involves conveying active disinterest in a HB9+ target for the purpose of removing her bitch shield and lowering her value relative to the PUA’s perceived value. Full Definition: Neg theory is often misunderstood as a slight insult or backhanded compliment. In its precise field demonstration, a neg is delivered with a straight face, involving a neg hit that communicates…

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