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  • Banter

    …ther in a playful way. Banter styles change depending on the PUA’s avatar and seduction style. In addition to being used on a target, banter can also be used with men as well, to create a fun interaction. Close friends often banter with each other, and bantering with wings can be a great way to get into state. In general, it is a good idea to banter and have fun with everyone in a venue, to raise a PUA’s social value and to have a good time….

    Situational Opener

    …way to combat this is to simply be in the moment and say the first thing that comes to mind. Surprisingly, the subconscious will usually come up with the right thing to say, and, even if it doesn’t, a clumsy opener can still be recovered from. The important thing is that it has gotten the PUA into a conversation. Usage: Taking improv class helped with my spontaneity and situational openers! Related Terms: Openers, Canned Opener, Natural…

    Text Openers

    …can never lose something you never had.     Yes, girls check their phones and this is the expression we want her to have when we text Some great text openers can be found at Goran does a great job explaining his text game theory here: One of my favorite lines for non-responsive texts: Aliens are coming to abduct all the…

    Canned Opener

    …s can be likened to “pickup lines” in popular culture, although few PUA openers begin with a direct compliment. Once the PUA understands the dynamic of strong openers, he can go on to create his own unique canned openers. Such openers should be based on an anchoring reason, such as, “My little sister says men lie more…let me get a second opinion, who do you think lies more?” Usage: I don’t usually use a lot of…

    How to Approach Women

    …t flat out looks. All of these are going to create a conversation easily and more readily than the LL openers, but still you aren’t getting much out of attraction just with these openers. That is where the Big Daddy of openers come into play. The HH openers are direct, Blow me or Blow me out mindset. “Hey, you are cute, let’s go bone.” Simple, eloquent, but almost distasteful for most of the American population. However,…

    Mixed Set Openers

    Context: An old MM thread on mixed set openers Style: Can anyone suggest good openers for approaching groups of girls and guys. Preferably it’s an opener to use with the guys. It’s gotta be one that doesn’t make you seem gay, but at the same time demonstrates some value and leads into meeting the girls in the group. Juggler: 1. “It’s interesting that when you have a group of four or more people together like this,…

    How to Transition to Natural Game

    …ain’t so bad) -Isolate and escalate. (This one isn’t either :) Six Common Sticking Points in Execution of the Traditional Model. Sticking Point #1. The first problem with this approach is that people mouth canned openers without a context for them. Style had an entire post dedicated to this point alone, so I won’t go into detail here. (Rooting – problem with the who lies more opener) If you want to use opinion openers

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