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  • Reverse AFC

    By on June 3, 2009

    Quick Definition: When a woman starts acting like an AFC around a PUA.

    Full Definition:

    Reverse AFC is a term developed by some members of the San Francisco PUA community to describe how some women will begin to act like clueless guys in the presence of very attractive men.

    The term AFC is usually applied to guys who have little experience with women, and is typified by behavior such as becoming nervous in the presence of women, putting women on a pedestal, and calling too often. However, women too will behave in a similar manner if they a) are very inexperienced socially, or b) are so overwhelmed by a man’s attractiveness as to become flustered and confused.

    As women are usually more socially skilled than men, it is rare to see this reverse AFC phenomenon, but experienced PUAs often find women acting around them like they did before they got into the game. Ultimately, it comes down to a question of value: usually the person with the perceived lower social value will feel more nervous around someone who they perceive as higher value.


    That girl went totally reverse AFC on me as soon as I stepped into the room!

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    Source: Carlo

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