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  • Recovering Average Frustrated Chump (rAFC)

    By on December 27, 2008

    AKA Recovering AFC

    Quick Definition: Recovering Average Frustrated Chump (RAFC, rAFC).

    Full Definition:

    Although the RAFC now knows of a new subculture devoted to the art of seduction, like drug addict, it is sometimes possible to relapse to a normal, mundane life. For every AFC that decides to make the commitment to become a better seducer, there are many more who will read about it, think it over, and never do anything with the material that they have had access to.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall  Trailer:


    Ramus is a rAFC. I hope he follows through with his desire to learn about game.

    Related Terms: AFC, BAFC, WBAFC, GPUA, aPUA, One-itis, AFOG, Beta Boy Friend

    Source: Fast Seduction

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