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Jlaix (Jeffy Allen)

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Jlaix (Jeffy Allen)
Jlaix (Jeffy Allen)

Real Name: Jeffrey Allen
Affiliation: PUA Instructor at Real Social Dynamics

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffy is an instructor for Tyler Durden’s company – Real Social Dynamics. He is best known for his work on the seminar series “The Jeffy Show” and also his book “9-ball”, both published and released by RSD. Jeffy is known for his wicked, dark and sometimes strange sense of humor. He lives in San Francisco and practices karaoke during his spare time. Despite a traumatic childhood, Jeffy has risen to become one of the best PUAs in the industry.

In one of AlphaWolf’s encounters with him:

Jeffy walks into the room, and starts playing one of his in-field videos. Within 90 seconds, the whole room bursts out with bouts of laughter and fun. That was the Hot Seat event in San Francisco. As the author of Nine Ball and Get Laid or Die Trying, Jeffy is a weird and hilarious combination of intelligence and self parody. His wit and vocabulary is unmatched and you will often learn new words listening to Jeffy speak.

His fans worship him, while AMOGs consider him their worst nightmare. Jeffy is not at all about the money – he simply gets girls and enjoys sex. Choosing to live in and coach in San Francisco, he has mastered the intricacies of bay area game. His “rape van” (I mean, consensual sex van) continues to make the city rounds.

jeffy allen rape van

Jeffy on Game Video

Jeffy Quotes

Irrelevant. Time to fuck!

Cut the shit. Time to fuck!

[Insert excuse here]. Time to fuck!

Be a player, all the way, or get married. Anywhere in between and you will hurt the girl and fuck yourself up.

So life is what you make of it… you know this… so why not be proactive about it?

Jeffy Pictures

jeffy jlaix kising

jeffy jlaix

The Jeffy Show favorite scene:

Posted by on February 14, 2010
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  • James

    Man, this guy is the awesomest PUA ever. I’ve read a lot of this shit in the last 2 years hoping something would rub off. I read the Mystery Method, get laid in 30 days, the game, double your dating, natural game, the way of gun and must have watched 100 youtube videos on NLP and it really did nothing for me.

    I never knew where to start; I hated the idea of using someone else’s lines, I’m not fake, that just isn’t me. And while I like Mystery for being a cool dude, and being a sociological genius of sorts, I didn’t like his overly complex and clumsy system.
    Enter Jlaix.
    FINALLY I feel like I got the advice I needed. I feel like I always knew how to have solid game but Jlaix gave me the shove I needed! Especially helpful was the part in his book where he goes to Spain and describes the natural flare and sexual panache the Spanish have. It helped me realise I have it too.

    Now I have tons of chicks giving me the “doggy dinner bowl” look, no fancy lines or long winded speeches. Instead I just BRING THE PARTY and from there IT”S ON!

    • People forget that this is his PUBLIC, PUA community image. In person he’s actually a really nice guy and as a coach I heard, very patient and caring of his students.

  • I’ve met him in person when he came to Chicago. Kind of agree with Alphawolf. He talks the big RSD talk but he seemed like a chill dude when I talked to him in the bar where I ran into him teaching some of his students.

  • Hey VL, I absolutely had no clue that Jeffy was JLaix lol :lol: . I just happened to be googling some Jeffy posts and got directed to this 1. PUA Lingo is really a help!

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