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Asian Playboy (J.T. Tran)

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Asian Playboy (J.T. Tran)
Asian Playboy (J.T. Tran)

Real Name: JT Tran
Affiliation: PUA Instructor at ABCs of Attraction

JT Tran

In JT’s own words:

When I graduated from college in 2001 (As a very late bloomer, I had my first kiss and girlfriend in college at the age of 20), I moved from Florida to California and suddenly realized that while I had been busy succeeding in academics, I hadn’t taken the time to simultaneously develop my social skills. For 3 years I tried the standard, socially acceptable route for meeting women such as:

  1. Blind dates
  2. Happy hour
  3. Mixers
  4. Sports groups
  5. Online dating
  6. Etc

After I got rejected from Eharmony for being too analytical and cerebral (how’s that for a wakeup call?), I decided to do some research and educate myself on how to improve socially. That’s when I discovered seduction arts in 2004. When I began to explore pick up, I knew instantly that I had discovered something that had the potential to change my life.

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Asian Playboy Quotes

Racial stereotypes can be a difficult obstacle for many of our clients to overcome. Perceptions that Asian men are small, misogynistic, effeminate and asexual can make it extremely difficult for men to truly believe that they can have any woman that they want because they feel as though the odds are already stacked against them, regardless of what they do or say. I help my students overcome these stereotypes in a number of ways, primarily by leading by example.

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asian playboy

jt tran asian playboy



Asian Playboy at the PUA Summit:

Posted by on February 28, 2010
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