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  • PUA Lingo Master Interview Series: Kurt Spelling

    By on March 26, 2012

    I am very pleased to present this video from Kurt Spelling. One of the few guys who focuses on being congruent in yourself, his philosophy is a pure parallel to The Tao of Steve. Full of zen and tao philosophy, Kurt shares with me his methods for bringing out the best in each of us and how we live our lives, and how this relates to the women in our lives.
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Kurt’s follow up notes:
    1. Developing yourself as a magnetically attractive man will bring success to ALL areas of your life
    2. Magnetically attractive men have always run the show and never had to STRUGGLE to get women in their lives
    3. It’s all about understanding what being a MAN is all about – if you do this, you will NEVER have relationship issues ever again


    • Magnetically attractive men are incredibly social, outgoing, personable, and friendly
    • They treat everyone as though they are valuable and do not judge or discriminate certain people’s value or worth based on programming
    • They are renaissance men and exist in many social circles


    • The highest level of magnetically attractive men are beyond just “social” – they are loving
    • Universal love – the idea that we are all one – unconditional love for everyone – these are mindsets that he embraces daily
    • And most importantly – the magnetically attractive man is self loving in all cases and at all times – he understands that the true source of unconditional love is within

    Business (decisive)

    • Magnetically attractive men trust their intuition over everything else (true intuition is not clouded by ego speak)
    • They make decisions, take lead, and get things done
    • They are flexible, persistent, self motivated, and willing to make mistakes


    • The Healthy man values his body and vitality.
    • He understands that his physical body is his fundamental tool for successfully navigating this three dimensional existence and treats this tool with the utmost of care
    • Healthy men understand the clarity, focus, energy, productivity, freedom, and presence that results from proper maintenance of the physical body


    • The Sexual Man is deeply connected with his masculine core and utilizes it as a source of inspiration and drive.
    • He understands sex on a physical, mental, and spiritual level and is in touch with the balance of feminine and masculine energies.
    • He holds a sacred and safe space for women to explore their sexuality and he takes them on sexual journeys they don’t soon forget…


    • The Spiritual Man has a deep and profound understanding of that which he truly is – energy.
    • He removes himself from ego based limitations and suffering on a daily basis and acknowledges his greatest purpose in life.
    • The spiritual man connects with energies both inside and outside of himself to consciously and powerfully create his reality

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      Nice explanation about the different kind of man in this world

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