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    By on November 5, 2011

    Quick Definition: A website devoted to users that are disillusioned from their experience in the seduction community. This includes lurkers and haters, and the site occasionally posts leaked personal information of famous PUA instructors.

    Full Definition:

    There are many people that support PUA Hate. On its front page, it lists as its mission:

    Revealing the scams, deception, misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them.


    The seduction community has become a profitable niche, and questionable marketing tactics exists alongside real dating coaches who are legit. Inevitably, and perhaps due to balance the power and forces of marketing, an anti-PUA community has thrived on this forum.

    Similar to anti-MLM marketing veterans and forums, the forum focuses on those who feel like they have been mislead or taken advantage of by seduction community companies or “dating companies.”

    Depending on who you speak to, the general direction of PUA Hate has been one of guru-bashing and negative commenting. While some of the threads are legit and help root out sources of deceptive marketing or highly priced programs that seem unfair, other threads are abused by users in posting about guru’s personal lives, girlfriends, and other material that should be kept private.

    Gurus have been known to log into PUAHate.com to defend themselves, often to no remedy, as the users on that forum can be particular spiteful and unreasonable. Sometimes, users defend gurus or tell others to “stop hating.”

    Overall,  the forum is composed of haters that seem to get satisfaction from making negative remarks about gurus and the seduction community in general.


    I hate PUA Hate…

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    • Mothman454

      As a “white belt” pua, im impressed with the teachings, information and tips given by the experienced pua community. My faves to learn from are Flash Fontinelli and James Marshall. Others like “Manwhore” and “Sasha Gaydame” make me wanna fuckin puke.

    • BrazilianPUA

      @Mothman454 “Sasha GAYdame” LOL

      Haters gonna hate, whatever the subject. Allan R. Currie says that some men feel anger from those most successful with women, and he calls it the “Alpha Male Syndrome”.


      – BP

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