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State Transference

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AKA Law of State Transference

Quick Definition: The natural ability to transfer a strong emotional state from one person to another.

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The law of state transference explains of how emotions are contagious. Imagine a cute dog walking into the room. In addition to his looks, his energy and vibe are likely to be contagious. The person with the highest level of social value AND the strongest emotion will win the transference, although sometimes a strong enough emotion can override social value (i.e. Maximus standing up to the Emperor in Gladiator).

State transference is a very important content in Real Social Dynamic’s seminars because it is attributed to the artist having influence over groups of people. This also means that they have the power to make a girl feel a certain way. It is through this influence canvas that the seduction is ensued, which results in the woman feeling strong, usually positive emotions towards the seducer.

State transference can also work in reverse. Have you ever hung out with someone who is a complete black hole and sucks energy out of interactions? Debbie Downer is such a character from SNL (Saturday Night Live, not Same Night Lay).

emotions are contagious

Owen explains State Transference best in his example to a class:


State transfers happen whether we like it or not. It is unconscious.

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Posted by on June 6, 2012

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  • I’d actually written an article on “State Transference”[but entitled "Emotions are contagious].

    1st.guy I heard stressed this fact or idea was Matador.

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